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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I get a copy of my report?

Answer: CMS will provide a copy of your report only if authorized by your referring physician, typically you will receive your results from your doctor within 24-48 hours after your examination.

Question: Can I get a copy of my examinations?

Answer: Yes, CMS will be happy to provide you with a CD of your images that can be played on any computer. Please call our Medical Records Department. The CD will be ready within 24hours.

Question: I do not have medical insurance. Can I call and get a cash price for my examination?

Answer: Yes, CMS Open MRI has excellent self pay prices for your procedure to paid in cash.

Question: I work during the day, do you offer night appointments?

Answer: Yes, CMS has the ability to schedule your exam for early evening and on Saturdays to accommodate all patients.

Question: What type of clothing should I wear for my examination?

Answer: It depends on the examination, however it is normally recommended to wear clothing without metal buttons, comfortable and easy to access your arm for blood pressure and IV injection’s if needed.

Question: I am very claustrophobic, what if I can’t do the exam?

Answer: We experience this all the time, no worries, CMS offers many exams in open scanners that are as accurate as the closed units

Question: What if I still have questions after reviewing this web site?

Answer: Please call us anytime with any question, we at CMS are available to assist you in any way we can.