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What To Expect After The Exam

Dear Patient,

Foremost, CMS Open MRI would like to thank you for trusting your healthcare to our board certified radiologist, highly trained technologists and dedicated support staff. We at CMS Open MRI take great pride in offering our community one of the most advanced medical imaging facilities in South Florida.

Now that you have completed your examination, we understand you are anxious to receive your results. As you leave, our board certified radiologist is reviewing your images. This empowers you to receive the most exact interpretation based on your radiology examination. Although CMS always has at least one radiologist at our facility, if the radiologist most suited for your exam is not onsite this moment, our advanced computer network allows your examination to be instantly available to them.

When will I get my results? Your referring physician will receive your results within 24-48 hours after your examination completion. Please allow your physician the time to review the report before contacting their office.

Do I need to take my images with me when I leave for my doctor? Some physicians would like to view your images along with the report. Many of the physicians will contact us directly when this is necessary. If you would like a copy of your images on CD format, please just let us know and they will be made available to you with 48 hours of your examination completion.

Why may I be called back for further imaging? CMS Open MRI prides itself on the most complete examination and occasionally, less than 5% of the time, we may ask you to return for additional imaging. The majority of times we request additional imaging is due to motion artifact, technical limitations during your exam or the radiologist may request a slightly different angle to see something that didn’t show well during the examination to assure that it is normal. Please, don’t be alarmed if we ask you to return.
We hope your experience at CMS Open MRI was a positive aspect in an otherwise possibly difficult time. We understand having a radiology examination can be very stressful. We attempt to make your examination as comforting as possible, while providing you the highest quality imaging available. In the future if you, your family or your friends need any medical imaging examination, we will always be here for you. We offer Digital Mammography, MRI, PET, Nuclear Medicine, CT, Ultrasound, Bone Density and General Radiology examinations. If you have any questions, comments or concerns your voice is very important to us, call us at 305-227-2500 .