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Cardiac PET / PET Scan

pet-scan-serviceWhat is PET?
Positron Emission Tomography, or PET as it is commonly referred to, is a test that images the metabolic activity of the body.  A PET scan can help determine the best course of therapy for your condition by characterizing biochemical changes within the cells of your body. A PET scan measures metabolic activity within the body, rather than anatomical (physical) changes as an MRI or CT scan would.


What to Expect?
The procedure begins with a simple blood sugar test on all patients.  After this an IV will be started and the FDG will be administered.  FDG is a radioactive tracer that mimics glucose (sugar) metabolism once injected intravenously into the patient.  The FDG is metabolized by the tissue and trapped in the cells.  The FDG emits photons that are detected by the scanner.  The computer then reconstructs the data from the scanner into a three-dimensional image.  The patient will then have a waiting period of 45 minutes to 1 hour to allow for the tracer to be taken up by the tissue.  The patient will then be taken into the scanner and imaging will last for approximately 45 minutes.  You should plan on being at the facility for about 2 to 3 hours.  You will be able to resume normal activities after the exam.

PET preparation
The preparation for the test will vary depending on the reason for the PET scan.  For most exams, you should not eat for four hours prior to your appointment time. You should drink plenty of water and take any medications that you are on unless you are specifically instructed not to take them by a doctor.
Please inform our staff if you are diabetic. Patients who are diabetic will be given special instructions prior to the test to ensure an acceptable blood sugar level.  Blood sugar control is essential for an adequate diagnostic test.
If you are unable to make your appointment, please provide us with at least 24 hours notice to cancel. The injection you will receive is ordered specifically for you and cannot be re-used.
Please bring your insurance card, as well as any recent X-rays, CT, MRI or any other test results with you on the day of your exam. They are important in the interpretation of your PET scan.